Their Neighbor Doesn't Like Dogs, So He Shot Their Dog And Left Him Bleeding In Woods

This story speaks about Jess Buxton and her 5 puppies, who had just moved to Danville, Vermont, to be closer to Buxton's mother. But the problem was that one of her neighbors doesn't like dogs or at least her dogs.

One afternoon, Buxton let her dogs stay outside to use the bathroom, but when they came back one of them was missing. It was a one-year-old black Labrador called Berkeley, so she went out madly to search for him, but no avail.
She finally found him laying with his head in between his paws on her property's edge later on that night. So, she directly took him to the nearest vet clinic to make sure that he was still alive, but unfortunately, he wasn't.
Vermont police discovered that Frederick Keenan, Buxton's 72-year-old neighbor, was the person who had shot Berkeley in the face. Buxton stated that she and her other 4 dogs are struggling every day without Berkeley.
The killer will appear in Caledonia Criminal Court in the middle of the next December after being cited with aggravated animal cruelty. Finally, Buxton created a page on Facebook called Justice For Berkeley, hoping to share his story as many as she can to prevent anything like this to happen in future. Watch the video above to have more information.
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