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Two Dogs Get In An Argument When Dad Asks About The Mess On The Floor

Hilarity ensues, when Phoenix and Dakota are faced about the ripped-up letter lying all over the floor.
When dad asks them who made the mess, they argue as only Huskies can do!

They start arguing over who made the mess with all the personality and spirit that Huskies are famous for.

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He decided to take a closer look to figure out what it was, and he was completely shocked! He found a skinny cat!

The 7-week-old kitten was barely breathing and had blood in ears and eyes! The cop directly wrapped the cat in a blanket to warm her. He then contacted Arlington Heights Veterinary Hospital, who told him to rush the cat in an immediate way!

She was rushed in emergency surgery by Dr. Miller, who stated that the cat had extremely low body temperature because of a broken leg, fleas, and exposure! The vet gave Lennie, the cat, emergency care, including a cast, a blood transfusion, fluids, and antibiotics. Thankfully, Lennie made it after few days! Thanks for Deputy Dillion, and the staff at the hospital, who did what they could to save her. Watch the video above to have more information.

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