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Two Dogs Get In An Argument When Dad Asks About The Mess On The Floor

Hilarity ensues, when Phoenix and Dakota are faced about the ripped-up letter lying all over the floor.
When dad asks them who made the mess, they argue as only Huskies can do!

They start arguing over who made the mess with all the personality and spirit that Huskies are famous for.

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Whenever we think of dogs, the first thing that comes to our mind is that they are all cuddly and cute creatures that love to play fetch and stuff like that. We expect them to jump on us when we come home and give us the best welcome ever. However, for some people, dogs are a difference between life and death and between happiness and misery.

Meet Pax who was trained as a service dog to work in women’s correctional facility. But no one expected him to go on and save the life of an injured veteran Bill Campbell. The video is a really heartwarming one that features Bill taking the dog to the same training facility to unite him with the woman who had trained him. This is the moment that Pax proves how faithful all dogs are and it is a beautiful sight to witness.

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