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Socialite Woman Confronts Parents During Baby’s First Photo Shoot, And Ruined Their Moment!

Celebrating your kids’ birthdays is a nice thing, but you have to do it in the best way ever. This story speaks about parents, Isaiah and Kelyn, from Houston celebrating their daughter’s first birthday on a sunny afternoon!

They decided to put her on a picturesque walking trail, which is a place that photographers go there to take the best photos! They let their daughter sit on a fluffy, pink blanket with some balloons to give her photo shots. The surprising thing was that a socialite woman called Franci Neely came out her car and approached the parents claiming that they block the road!

So, the parents directly took their phone to capture the moment when the woman dragged the blanket, smacked the balloons, and slapped Isaiah’s phone! What do you think?! Watch the video above to have more information.

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