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Parrot Gets Stuffed Bunny For His Birthday… Watch His Fantastic Reaction With it … LMAO!!

Mostly, because of its stuffed bunny, this small bird has a so much love to give. Marnie, the bird, was solemnizing his birthday, he wanted: a bunch of stuffed bunnies and his parents gave him that.

Although, I’ve heard about creatures who have unusual best friends, unless this is absolutely a first. Marnie is a Ringneck Parakeet from India, and he shows us what the enchantment is that has taken the bird world restricted. He is so cute, and has learned some phrases and words like, "Pretty", "Hello", and "What ya doin", as what the video shows.

The video below shows a new toy with Marnie, and how Marnie tried to approach to it. Make sure to watch it till the end.

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