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Mother Leaves Newborn Girl On Couch And Turns Away, Then Hears A Scream And Blood Everywhere

On 27th of June 2016, a 3-day-old girl called Susie Kirby was killed by the family dogs. The girl’s mom had put her baby on the couch so she could open a window, according to Tucson News Now. The mom then went to the restroom.

Unfortunately, the 2 family dogs were in the house without the knowledge of the mom. The baby was killed by them after dragging her from the home. The baby’s uncle suddenly saw what happened, and immediately took her to hospital, but sadly, the doctors couldn’t save her. Watch the video above to have more information.

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Dog Watches His Owner Fall Asleep Every Night, He Later Learns Heartbreaking Reason

Every shelter dog comes with their own unique story and some of these stories are sadder than others. Their backstories make them who they are and it can make their behavior difficult for their owners to understand. When one man made the decision to adopt a Golden Retriever from a local animal shelter, he had no idea that he was about to embark on an amazing emotional journey.

When the family initially brought this dog home, they were very happy. He was everything that they could have hoped for and his playful nature made him a great addition to their home. However, he had one behavior that the family found to be quite odd. A gate separated the dog from his owners’ bedroom and he would stand on his hind legs to watch them sleep.

At first, they thought that the dog might simply have excess energy that needed to be burnt off during the day. Even when they took time out to make sure that he got enough exercise during the daylight hours, the strange nighttime routine continued. The owner wanted to know why this silent vigil was taking place and he asked the shelter if they could provide an explanation.

As it turned out, the dog’s previous owners had decided to give him up once they had a baby. To make matters worse, they also decided to sneak him out of the house in the middle of the night. As a result of this story, the dog had been left with a massive fear of abandonment and it made his behavior far more understandable in retrospect.

The owner cried when he heard the sad story about his dog’s troubled past and he knew that it was time for the gate to come down. The dog’s bed now rests in the bedroom and we sincerely hope that his fear of abandonment has finally been eased. Ever since the story was originally posted on Facebook, the dog’s tale has gone viral and the heartwarming solution is touching souls everywhere.

Just look at this dog’s face and try not to burst into tears. What a lucky pup he is to have an owner who is this proactive when it comes to his happiness. Please share this incredible story with all of the animal lovers in your life, as they are certainly bound to appreciate it.

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