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Husky Pup Howls To Wake Their Siblings Up

Animals are just like humans, have their unique dreams. Look at this cute pup, who tries to wake her siblings.

The video above shows the Husky puppy started howling to wake up their siblings, but its howl was so funny and left people die in laughter. The video got thousands of shares and more than 700,000 views on YouTube as his sound is just like Chewbacca. Watch the video above to see the cute dog and tell us your opinion.

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Dog Found Buried in Woods After being tortured by Children who were the Arrested

Insane Attitude of Children
Children are always considered to be the best admirers of animals but sometimes these same children may also be known as the murderers of animals as we can see in this story. This story belongs to a poor dog who was taken away in the woods and the reason behind was to murder the dog. The children being in early teens tortured the dog and then it was buried alive.

The dog as being beaten by the boys and then in a severely painful condition the children set the dog on fire. The moment the dog was being set on fire the children started to move away from the crime scene but fortunately they were caught. These children are also now arrested for committing such a brutal act over this poor and helpless animal.

The dog also has been passed through numerous tests in order to include whether it was alive when placed on fire or was it dead and yet nothing has been verified. The age of these children is not up to the level of torturing creatures but they did something unimaginable.

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