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Hero Dog Hears Cries Of A Drowning Cat, Rushes Into The Water And Saves Her

There is an information said that dogs and cats are enemies, but actually, it is not right. The video above proves that.

The video above shows a dog risks his life to save a random cat! We can see in the video that the dog jumped in the water to save a drowning cat, and let her climb on his back! How adorable! Watch the video above to have more information.

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Animal Rescue Desperately AsksFor Help To Rescue Trapped Dogs

Over 100 dogs are without shelter, food, anything like this. A shelter was unexpectedly overflown when a dam was opened with no notice in Hankamer, Texas, leaving the shelter perplexing to save the animals.

Kat Tschirgi Miller awoke on 28th of August, Monday, and found the kennels at the shelter flooded with large amount of water at night. The dogs were trying to escape perching on floating cages or climbing the kennel fences. When she knew that dams were scheduled to be opened by the authorities, she and Kevin, her husband, knew that they should take over one hundred animals at the house. The animals at the shelter were straitened and the water was rising. Kat said that authorities didn't give any warning to anyone in the neighborhood, so they were not prepared for that. Actually, Kat was shocking as she woke up to see the water in the shelter after opened 3 dams

Kevin and his wife rejected to leave their dogs, they directly asked 911 for help:

They write ''We are in need for direct help, the authorities opened the dam near us, and the water flooded us overnight… and it is currently rising! We have got to go now! But we will never leave the dogs, so we need some help right now, you can take them out by a boat. And we also need temporary places to stay for them. Can anyone help us and get the dogs with a boat?

Their plea quickly went all over the world, but they actually need a direct help.

Many neighbors came and help the dogs with boats and moving them to the safety.

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