Her Husky Isn't Happy Since He Has To Wear A Cone Of Shame After Visiting The Vet

This story speaks about a Husky dog called Zeus who spent all day at the veterinarian as there was a growth on his eye and needed to be removed. This story, that was titled by the uploader as poor dog shows the Husky as a drunk, but the truth is that he is recovering from being under anesthesia.

The vets have moved a growth from his blue eyes despite his howling and talking all the day. Zeus is possibly very confused as he has no idea about was is going on. It is obvious that he does not want to wear the cone of shame, but just protesting it as it does not work with his fashion style. He was forced to stay at the vet all the day so that's why he is also howling.
The Husky continued howling all the way home because of the anesthesia. Thankfully, despite the very long day for the dog, but it finally ended well as when he was home, he was able to comfortably rest with Kaden, his brother, on his bed. Watch the video above to have more information.
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