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Bus Driver Being Investigated After Letting A Monkey Take The Wheel

The video above shows an Indian bus driver, who allows a monkey to drive the bus with him! It is acceptable to let your pet to ride your own car in a way or another! But, when you are riding a bus with passengers is completely unacceptable.

The animal lover allows the simian to ride for few minutes. The simian came with a passenger, who allows Parkash, the driver to take his monkey. Prakash has been removed from his duty by the officials of the Indian transportation, according to The Times of India. Watch the video to have more information.

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German Shepherd Thought Was Abandoned By Her Soldier Daddy After Nine Months… Now Watch Their Reunion!

It is known that the dogs’ love is the best love, they give you very special things and are able to give you their life in order to protect you. They never get tired of playing with you, or at least seeing you. They wait in a patient for you to come home.

The video above speaks about a German shepherd called Freyja welcoming her daddy, who is a soldier, after about nine months in his duty. She does not let any moment to pass without her love after they reunited once more.

The camera is on Freyja’s owner, who is sitting on the couch in the living room. It is obvious that he is so happy to be home to see their family. As the video continues, Freyja opens the door and starts barking and jumping around her daddy as she welcomed him. Watch the video above to see that heartwarming reunion.

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