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Bus Driver Being Investigated After Letting A Monkey Take The Wheel

The video above shows an Indian bus driver, who allows a monkey to drive the bus with him! It is acceptable to let your pet to ride your own car in a way or another! But, when you are riding a bus with passengers is completely unacceptable.

The animal lover allows the simian to ride for few minutes. The simian came with a passenger, who allows Parkash, the driver to take his monkey. Prakash has been removed from his duty by the officials of the Indian transportation, according to The Times of India. Watch the video to have more information.

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This is no less than a remarkable news for all the pets that has either been rescued or are living their life in a shelter. Lawmakers at Arizona has made it mandatory for the pets store to sell only those cats and dogs that are either rescued or are taken from a shelter. The great news is that lawmakers in Beverley Hills also followed this great decision that would prohibit professional pet stores from selling commercially bred pets.

Huge thanks to a federal judge in Phoenix, Arizona who told that all animals inpet storesshould only come from animal shelters or non-profit organizations. So Phoenix has just become the first of the states to put an end to the puppy mills. An estimated of 23,000 dogs are sold every year and this will certainly improve dogs’ lives. Now shelter dogs won’t have to wait for months or years to get adopted thanks to U.S. District Court Judge David Campbell who passed this decision.

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