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Brave Man Saves Puppies From A Well, Washes The Mud Away To Show Their Cuteness

A Thailandia man called Surachet Klaewkla heard crying from a nearby construction site, when he was on his way to work.

He followed the sound and knew that it was from a well! When Surachet looked inside he completely shocked! He saw 5 small creatures covering in mud! He directly jumped inside it and rescue the poor animals.

When Surachet took a closer look at them, he knew that they were newborn pups. He took them home, to wash them, and his family directly fell in love with them, as they are so adorable. Thankfully, they decided to adopt them. Watch the video above to have more information.

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Crooked-Faced Dog Hopes To Find A Forever Home For The Holidays

The director of (SNARR) in White Plains, New York, Courtney Bellew, has devoted her life to save the unwanted, elderly, broken, and sick dogs of New Jersey, New York and beyond.

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When Bellew learned about a special pooch abandoned at a Tennessee home his former parents, and he was with facial deformities, she realized that she lives for a big challenge to save his life.

Woody is the name of the pup, and it was obvious that his uniquely shaped face is the result of a previous injury, not a sign of a health problem.

Bellew told The Dodo that they found out that Woody was 5-week-old and he needs vet care as it was clear that his former owners attacked him.


He was chained for long time outside his former house, surviving on some food provided by neighbors, before Bellew was finally contacted by someone.

Bellew added that their first thought that the pup is about 8-month-old, his acts are for. He is so cute and affectionate.

His foster mom, Jamie Bond, said that Woody has silly personality and adorable face, and in addition to that, he has a heart of gold.

She also added that she was sick with a fever, in Woody’s first day. Woody knew something was not right, and he never left Bond’s side. And he always followed her to make sure that she is safe and sound.

Bellew said that Woody just knows jumping, and he does not know basic commands like stay or sit. She also added that he was not ever a house pet, he was just a dog who was left to his own.


Thankfully, Woody is now ready to be adopted, and waiting for a new forever home. If you’re interested to adopt Woody, visit the SNARR website and fill out an adoption application.

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