Blind Pregnant Dog, Shot 17 Times, Her Ears Cut Off, She Has Now A Mission Of Love

This is one of the saddest stories ever, it is about a pregnant poor dog, that was found chained up in Lebanon by a roadside after being shot 17 times with pellets. Fortunately, the dog, whose ear was cut off, had been found by a kind man, who took her for medical care in his home in Beirut.

The dog was flown to UK to be cared by a rescue group called Wild At Heart Foundation, that agreed to take her into their care. The dog, that was named Maggie, was fostered by Kasey Carlin, who saw her photos online, and knew she had to do something.
Kasey then decided to adopt Maggie because of her loving heart and sweet nature. And she writes online that what makes Maggie beautiful is that she is unconventional and different. Maggie is now enjoying her life with Mishka, her sister, who love to cuddle together. Watch the video above to have more information.
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