Abandoned Dog Family Will Think Twice Before Trusting Humans Again

A call came to Hope For Paws telling that there were in a dense vegetation field, a deserted family of puppies in a hot day. It was hard for Eldad and Loreta to save the family as they can't trust anyone anymore. 

The rescuers surrounded the large bush, by using their equipment, then they found the mama who was frightened and her small puppies were barking outside of the enclosure. Then, they managed to save the mother who was named Linda.
Loreta brought the mama along to help saving the puppies, however the puppies got spooked and run back into the bushes. The 2 puppies who were named Falabella and Stella bit Loreta but she never let them go. 
Fortunately, the rescue was successful after 6 hours in the 106-degree heat, and the whole family reunited again and they were given medical care and baths. Happily, Falabella, Stella, and Linda were fostered by ART N’ Paws and they are now all glad, in good health, and looking for a forever home! Watch the video above to have more information. 
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