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A Kid Risked His Life To Rescue A Child Stuck In Well.

Saving souls is something really perfect, firefighters and police officers do that in a permanent way. But, they may encounter a situation that they can’t do anything in it without some help.

And that what happened in Romania, a little child stuck in a well, that has a narrow opening slot, which leaves the firefighter with no idea what to do! But, a hero boy decided to risk his life to save the child. They make the boy ready by tying him with ropes to grab him back if anything wrong happens. They did grab him back! But, with the child! Thanks to this brave hero. Watch the video above to have more information.

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Scientists Failed To Explain These 11 Surprising Mysteries

Scientists have studied the all things on our planet, but there are 11 enchanting secrets that haven't logical explanation until today.

1. How do cats purr?

Cats make the vibrating sound by using their vocal chords, when they purr it seems that they are happy, and you can't hear the heart beating! The frequency of their purr accelerates healing and decreases the pain, so why they purr when they are hurt or stressed?!

2. Where did some creatures come from?

Many types of creatures don't have any predecessors. Actually, no one knows how did the amphibians come?

Dinosaurs also became before millions of years but now there is no existence for this specie. Today, there are some types of creatures appeared from nowhere.


3. Do cows have a magnetic compass?

It is studied by scientists using Google Earth to know as much as they can about cows. They also discovered a new strange pattern, 70% of cows turn their head to the south or north while drinking or eating, regardless of weather, terrain, and other factors.

4. What was the "gelatinous" rain?

Jelly-like items fell from the sky, instead of rain. This an unusual phenomenon happened in in August 1994, in Oakville, Washington. The next day, many people had got flu-like symptoms. Scientific said that the substance contained 2 types of bacteria, one type is usually found in human body.

5. What is dark matter?

There is no obvious evidence about this phenomenon, but some theories before 60 years spoke about it.

6. How many planets are in the solar system?

As we all know, science is somethingunlimited. That applies to our solar system which has many planets, it is believed that they are 8, but scientists always thousands of objects that could be a planet one day.

7. Why are people right-handed and left-handed?

Humans are divided into left-handed using, or right-handed using. The majority is right handed. It is something related with genes, and sometime it is a habit when the person was a little kid.

8. Why did megafauna become extinct?

Megafauna, a giant animal, disappeared about more than 10,000 years ago. Some believed that they were killed by climate changes, but scientists found protected mammoths in Alaska which causes to that the animals died because of starvation, as what mention in a theory.

9. Why do we dream?

Some people consider that dreams experiences, subconscious desires, and unsolved problem. But oneirology, the study of dreams, claims that dreams denote to a hidden deep in the human psyche. But, actually there is no clear evidence.

10. What is the "space roar"?

While scientific was studying a young stars in 2006, they heard something roars. If sounds can't travel, so what is that?

11. Why do we have different blood types?

People have different blood types. There are 4 types of blood, and each type has something different.

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