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Zoo Director Turns His Own Home Into Shelter For Monkeys and Pandas from Australia’s Fires

This is one of many stories that speaks about the rescuers during Australia bonfires. A zoo director called Chad Staples worked tirelessly to save as many animals as he can from certain death with the help of the zoo’s staff.

Chad Staples, who works at one of the largest local zoos called the Mogo Wildlife park, refused to flee and leave the animals to die because of the fires that were so close to the zoo. He was able with the help of the staff to save the lions and the orangutans and move them to the safest parts of the park.

But there are many other animals in the park just like red pandas, monkeys, and a tiger that also needed a shelter to stay away from the fire. So, Chad and his staff decided to take the animals to their houses. They were able to save 200 animals which means that they turned their houses into refugee camps for the animals.Thankfully, all the animals were safe and survived unharmed because of Chad and his staff's quickly actions.

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