Woman Caught Dumping 11 Pets In The Middle Of The Road Since Shelter Is Full

One of the worst things ever is dumping animals. It is so cruel, I still can’t understand how can people do something like this?! But it happens. This story speaks about a cruel woman, who abandoned more than 10 dogs in the middle of a street.


The woman, who dumped eleven pets, went at first to the shelter, who said that there was no place for 11 animals! so, the woman decided to get rid of the animals by abandoning them in a street with nothing to eat or drink. The woman drove away without paying attention for the warning about not just dumping the dogs, according to Critter Adoption & Rescue Effort, Inc. called C.A.R.E Animal Shelter.


Thankfully, the dogs were found by the animal lovers and volunteers, who rushed out to find them. We all hope that the police find the woman to get the justice she deserves. Watch the video belowto have more information.


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