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Tiny Kitten Colored Purple, Then Thrown Away As A Bait To Fighting Dogs

This story speaks about a small kitten, that was dropped off at an animal shelter's door step all alone. The poor animal, whose condition was so bad, was on the edge of death and needed to be treated immediately.

So, the staff of San Jose animal shelter took the 2 months old kitty, who'd been dyed purple, abused, and beaten, inside and decided to treat her from her wounds.So, they called Nine Lives Foundation to come to help the purple cat. Monica Rudiger, a veterinarian from Nine Lives Foundation, saw the cat's wound and decided to help the cat to be completely healed again.

She added that the cat, that was named Smurf, had been used as a bait to train dogs to fight. Fortunately, the cat started her journey to recover with the help of Nine Lives Foundation.We hope that the authorities find the responsible people who did these cruel actions to Smurf, and we hope that the cat finds a forever home. Watch the video below to have more information.

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Meet Rambo who was found discarded among animal carcasses in the wilderness. This happened in South California and thanks to the rescuers, he is now making a full recovery and is loving his new home and new life. At first, Every Life Matters Animal Rescue workers found Rambo and there were bite marks all over his body and he was used as a bait and then left to die.

He was taken to the emergency immediately and now he is in the protection of Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency (CARE) and he is already loving his new life. The vets had to amputate both his back paws because the infection had grown so much.

He has been getting plenty of TLC since arriving at CARE and he looks very bright compared to what he has seen.

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