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They Starved Their Dog To Death, Dumped Her On The Road, Found Eating Her Blanket To Survive

This story speaks a 2-year-old emaciated dog called Daisy that was found dumped on the side of the street eating everything she saw even her blanket just to survive.

The Black Labrador, Daisy, was then taken by The Brevard Humane Society, that decided to take her to treat her from her wound as her weight was just the half of her recommended body weight. The dog, who was barely able to lift her own head or to stand, is now with The Brevard Humane Society which means that she is in good hands. They will do all they can to help her to be completely recovered.

On the other hand, the police in Cocoa, Florida, are still investigating to find the responsible people who did these cruel actions to Daisy. The best thing was that Daisy will be available for adoption once she's completely healed. Watch the video below to have more information.

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Film Proves Terrifying Predator Is Coming Back From The Dead As Scientists Say!

This video was recorded in Australia showing Tasmanian tiger roaming in woodland. The clip was captured last November but at a recent Booth Richardson Tiger Team’s (BRTT) press conference. The group has been trying to follow a Tasmanian tiger and they set up about 14 cameras over 50 kilometers, changing the sites every two weeks. The group said that the footage has some records of the animal nosing their camera and making noises.

Greg Booth, a researcher, said that he is totally persuaded that the animal has come back to life. He said ‘’ I couldn't believe it. I couldn't sleep for days afterwards,” he added that seeing the beast changed everything, and they did this just to prove that.

Joe, Greg’s father, also said that he always believed that the tigers were lurking in the bush and still alive, ‘’The tigers have never been extinct and they will never be.’’ Joe said.
Nick Mooney, a local wildlife expert, has also watched the video and he said that the chance of it to be a tiger was just 20%. And he added that he believes that it is not absolutely a Tasmanian tiger.

He added ‘’Based on movement, anatomy, size, and behavior, I think it is just a 20% chance’’.

The last one of this type died in captivity in 1936 in Hobart Zoo, and since then this type of tigers has been classified as presumed, endangered to be extinct.

The last tiger of this kind died in captivity at Hobart Zoo in 1936 and since then it has been classified as endangered, presumed to be extinct.

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