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Shelter Devastated As No One Wants To Adopt Young Pitbull & Her Senior Chihuahua Friend Together

Animal lovers know that they are unwavering loyal, they give you endless love, care, and protection, since you have them in your home.

They are not just loyal to their humans; they also have loyalty to their friends. This story speaks about 2 dogs, an 8-year-old chihuahua called Taco, and a 3-year-old Pit Bull called Merrill. They formed and connected a strong bond while living at the Rocket Dog Rescue shelter, so they’re best friends.

One day, one man came to adopt Merrill, but she refuses to leave her best friend, so, the adoptive dad, who has a big heart, decided to adopt them together. How sweet! Watch the video below.

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A Cop Finds Dog Abandoned In Park, Then He Decides To Adopt Her!

Jeff Ripley, a cop in Bloomington, Indiana, was received a call about an injured and emaciated dog in a local park, but he did not think that this call was about to change his life. What he saw in the park totally broke his heart.

A Sorrowful Sight

Some kind Samaritans suddenly saw a stray dog that was weak and roughly underweight in the park, and she could not stand up. The stray boxer mix was also covered in various burns and scrapes, and ridden with many fleas. It was clear that her back-left leg was injured.

Jeff and Rosie decided that they would seize the opportunity to give Daisy a home and the love she deserves with them and their other rescue dog and two cats.

Taking Action

Ripley, the cop, called Rosie Ahlberg, his fiancé, that works at the City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control shelter as a regular volunteer. But, the shelter was closed, so they decided to take the poor dog back to their home.

The next day, they discovered that the dog, whom they named Daisy, was around 1-year-old and micro chipped. Rosie managed to reach Daisy’s owner, who said that a car had hit Daisy in April, and they actually do not want her.

Rosie and Jeff decided that Daisy would not struggle again, so they took her to their lovely home with their other two cats and dog. Daisy became good in a short time, and she is now so sweet and friendly.

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