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She Is Locked Up For Her Life As She Is Yucky, Ends Up With A Family Who Love Her!

I still can’t understand how some dog owners can be so cruel against their animals! This story speaks about a yucky, dirty dog called Sarah, who was tied to a box on a very short chain!



Her owner would not touch her as she was too yucky! The owner also added that he thought that Sarah wanted to be touched, but he wouldn’t do that because she was yucky! Thankfully, Sarah was rescued, and adopted by a kind family. Watch the video below.





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A 8-Month-Old Infant Is Passed Away As EMT Refused To Do Her Job

A woman called Ann Marie Thomas faces a sentence that is up to a year in jail if convicted of her fault charge of willfully deserting her duties as an EMT.

She received an emergency call, in Detroit, to save a poor baby that had stopped breathing. The dispatcher told her that there was a poor baby that was struggling to breathe, but it was seemed that she did not concern to save the life.

When she arrived, she parked her emergency car around the corner from the home instead of running to help save the 8-month-old baby’s life, and then she waited about 6 mins before telling the dispatchers that she did not want to help the infant.

The dispatcher repeatedly tried to convince her to help, but she did not respond.

So, the dispatcher called another ambulance vehicle to move the infant to the hospital. Sadly, the next morning, he passed away.

In connection with the infant’s death, her mom is also being charged with 3 counts of first degree of felony murder and child abuse.

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