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She Is Locked Up For Her Life As She Is Yucky, Ends Up With A Family Who Love Her!

I still can’t understand how some dog owners can be so cruel against their animals! This story speaks about a yucky, dirty dog called Sarah, who was tied to a box on a very short chain!



Her owner would not touch her as she was too yucky! The owner also added that he thought that Sarah wanted to be touched, but he wouldn’t do that because she was yucky! Thankfully, Sarah was rescued, and adopted by a kind family. Watch the video below.





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Baby jaguar was shot 18 times but how rescuers saved him is a miracle

Faith in humanity
It is normal for wild animals to attack us humans or run away from us when they are attacked by us. It is the ordinary course of nature so when the locals of Ecuador found a baby jaguar who wasn’t running away from them, they knew something was wrong. They got hold of her and learned that the baby jaguar was only 11 months old and put her in the back of the truck.

They drove her to an animal hospital only a few miles away so that the baby jaguar could get back to perfect health. They let the hospital staff do their work and named her D’Yaria and soon they learned why she never tried to run away from them. It was because she had been shot 18 times with a shotgun and she had become completely paralyzed.

Vet María Cristina Cely said that locals kill jaguars because they get into farms and kill cattle. She assessed that D’Yaria’s mother must have been shot and the baby tried to run away before collapsing on the ground. The team attending D’Yaria wasn’t sure if she would be nurse back to safety but she did and they removed the bullets from her body and gave her surgery. Soon after that, she started moving her legs and just in a matter of one month, she started running around and 95% of her body is healed. It is not less than a miracle and her name D’Yaria means brave tiger and rightly so.

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