A dog surprises police by continuously following them and gets on the vehicle as they stop

Acrobatic cat

Most of the people think that only dogs are capable of doing tricks and acrobatic moves from time to time. This is completely wrong because cats show that they are just as capable of doing tricks as dogs. They can go off and do just about anything because they are small and are really very good at climbing too. A cat named Didga caught the worldwide attention when she did these amazing tricks not long ago. However, quite recently, she decided to take it to the next level by doing even more acrobatic moves.

The next level moves

Didga dreams big is the name of the video that features her crazy moves and it looks like she is in a mood to surpass even her previous best. It is quite clear that Didga is after some dog maneuvers and trying to make them look even more attractive. The cat leave us all jaw dropping and shocked because it is unlike any cat we have ever seen. Check out this video to see how skillful this cat is.