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Psycho Throws Dog Off A 30ft Overpass, Dog Found Bleeding From Mouth On Impact

When a cop, from Knoxville Police Department, heard suspicious sounds coming from an overpass on Alcoa Highway at 3:00 AM, he was parked his car there. The officer was able to hear some grunting and cursing coming from a man on the overpass, but he then heard something hit the ground heavily.



So, the cop directly went out to see what was going on and he saw a young female dog lying under the overpass in a pool of blood. The dog's back leg was broken as she was thrown from 30-ft, and she was bleeding from her paws and mouth.



The injured dog was taken to UT Veterinarian Medical Facility to receive the first aid. They then transfer her to Young-Williams Animal Center to be treated for so long. The veterinarian fear that the poor dog has been maimed for life, while her life isn't in danger at this time.



The investigations are still on by the authorities trying to find the responsible person. You can call 865-215-7212 (the Crime Hotline), or 865-215-8640 (the Animal Control Unit) if you know the dog's owner. Watch the video below.



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