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Owner Leaves His Dog At With Snout Shut With A Cable While Being At Work

This story speaks about a poor German Shepherd, whose snout was shut with a cable tie by its owner. The dog was not able to breathe in a proper way, but he was saved after 4 hours when one neighbor noticed the situation and contacted the police.

The criminal in southern Australia was pleaded guilty because of his cruel act. But his lawyer said that his client forgot to remove the tire from the neck of Chloe, 11-month-old, before leaving the house in the morning.Dr. Brad Ward, RSPCA South Australia’s Chief Veterinarian, said that dogs cooling their bodies by panting, so when they are prevented from this, you put them at extreme risk of overheating.

The dog jumped into water and drank some after the cable tie was removed. The owner is banned from having any animals for 2 years, and was forced to hand Chloe over to a new owner. He was also ordered to pay legal costs and vet bills which was $1,600. Watch the video below to have more information.

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