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Mother Dog Found Locked Inside A Sealed Cardboard box With Her 9 Newborn Puppies

A mama dog and her 9 pups were put in a sealed-up box and dumped at the Puntzi Lake Landfill in British Columbia, Canada to prevent them from escaping it. Fortunately, the box was seen by a kind man who decided to help them.

So, the kind man took the 1-week-old 9 pups and their mom who were sent to the veterinarian to stay for a night before sending them to (BC SPCA). The 9 pups and their mom were taken to the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' Quesnel and District branch to receive the care, love, and comfort they needed from the staff.

The mother, that was named Casey, is now able to care for her young pups in a better way after getting healthier and healthier. She has been in tough life which made her be nervous and hesitant because of the shelter animals, but she is at least very cute.Finally, (BC SPCA) is now investigating to know the person who brutally abandoned these dogs, who will be available for adoption when they are 7 weeks old. Watch the video below to have more information.

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Group of dogs snatched from their Parents Are Rescued From Being Boiled Alive And Eaten

These 26 dogs were rescued after cops a small car on a freeway near Jowai in Meghalaya, as they were being transferred, they were cruelly tied up and their mouths were taped shut. The pooches were given water, food medicines before moved to center of a local charity called Just Be Friendly.

A founder of the charity and vet, Dr Shashanka Dutta, said that they’re doing well, but they are traumatized. He added that they are trying to do everything they can to comfort the dogs. They are totally saving and taking medicines and have started eating. The story started on Monday night around 22:00 when Kasturi Das, an animal lover saw three dogs in a car and took some pictures of them, and shared them on social media. The photos went viral and some activists alerted the local police, which caused him to find another 23 dogs in 3 various homes.

Kiran Lyngdoh, Sub-Inspector, said that they were taken 3 different locations. And when we reached these locations, we surprisingly saw at least 23 dogs, and there were 3 women, so we arrest the three women, who claimed that they will boil the dogs alive to be ready to eat. The dogs were in serious pain.

Their manner was really dangerous, and it took many hours for activists and police to save the dogs. One local animal rights activist, who wished to keep anonymous said that it was really depressing, it was really horrific. The dogs were cruelty packed in bags and tied with ropes, and it took about 20 minutes to cut each one off. The dogs were howling and whining and really scared. And it took some time to comfort them. After comforting them, the dogs were transferred to NGOs where they can have proper care.

The dogs are recovering so fast, as 7 of them were adopted and the rest have been put for adoption. This story must go viral on social media to prevent anything like this to be happened.

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