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Mom Brings Her Pup Salon With Her, So He Sits Like Humans For A “Haircut”

When Brittany Taylor told her stylist about Luka, her new puppy, after getting her hair done, the hairdresser insisted Taylor to bring him with her the next time she comes.



Luka came with Brittany when she came again to the local salon, and he made friends with almost anyone he saw there. Brittany had her hair done just like always, and Luka’s turn came. He sat on the chair just like humans, and it was obvious that he wanted to get his hair done and enjoyed that! How adorable! Watch the video below.





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Dangers of household pets
We have heard so much about the household pets already such as rats and cockroaches etc. There is enough hate in our hearts already against them. However, there is some other species that is even more gruesome than the others and it can be seen in the program. Moreover, they come in the form of worm larvae and the creepiest fact of all is that they can bury through your skin and live under your hair follicles.

This results in a scar that looks like an open wound. A few months old puppy was brought to Animal Care Gambia, a local veterinary clinic whose body was filled with mango worms as they are very common in Gambia. The paws of the pup had open holes and larvae bodies were peeking out slightly. The good thing is that the larvae remained on the skin of the dog and it became easier to extract them.

Watch the video below for full process :

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