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Man Spots A Dog Stranded In Icy Water, Jumps In To Save Him

One day, Don Chatten, a great hero, was with his 2 rescue pooches at the Bark Park at Ellicott Creek Park, when suddenly one of his dogs started behaving funny for unknown reason. But Don realized then that someone is whimpering after he heard a sound coming from the creek below.

Soon, he discovered a small pup who was stranded in the icy water. Immediately, Don asked for instant help but the dog was about to die so he jumped in to save the dog's life after breaking the ice using his forearm and he was able to grab the dog and brought it back to safety.

The Terrier mix who called Jackson was given emergency care at the vet, where they revealed that the quick, selfless act of Don was the reason to keep Jackson alive. Happily, the dog's owner was over the moon to get his dog back. Don is a true hero with his brave act, but he said that credit goes for his dog who noticed the danger firstly, they both do a great job. Watch the video below to have more information.

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She Has Been Insulted For Being Ugly And Sick, Then A Helping Hand Finds Its Way To Her

This story speaks a 6-year-old Mexican dog called Yuki who was found wandering the roads after she was kicked out by her owners. Unfortunately, her skin looked like potato chips because of a sarcoptic mange.

Yuki, who was just 44 pounds which was deeply underweight, was found by a rescue group who brought her to the emergency care center. The veterinarian there said that he had never seen worst skin like hers. The dog, who was neglected and starved, should at least weigh sixty pounds. Unfortunately, she had a very serious tick-borne illness called Ehrlichiosis.

The veterinarian was able to remove potato chip’ layer which made Yuki look like a burn victim. Fortunately, she received antibiotics and pain medication which helped her to gain weight and led the fur to start growing again.

Thankfully, Yuki was fostered as she was completely healed from her wounds. She really loved being in a family and playing on the sofa.She is adorable and loves taking rides in the car from her foster house in Mexico to her foster house in California. She is well-behaved and loves playing. She is now waiting to be adopted and this what is expected to happen. Watch the video above to have more information.

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