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Kitten Found Alone In The Pouring Rain With His Umbilical Cord Still Attached

When a woman called Kathryn Van Beek saw eyes in the corner in the street in a dark night, she thought that it was a rat, but when she took a closer look, she knew that it was a small kitten, and she knew that she had to help.

So, she picked up the small kitten; whose umbilical cord still attached, took him home, where she named him Bruce just like Bruce Wayne. Bruce had had not opened his eyes for about 2 weeks as he was very small. But he then opened his beautiful eyes to let the world see them.

Thankfully, Kathryn taught him how to eat on his own and she did what she could to keep him healthy and warm. He finally came just like any other cat and he is now about two pounds. He will be with a great mom for the rest of his life. Thanks Kathryn. Watch the video below to have more information.

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The homeless animals usually need rescuing from the bad conditions that they live with. But ‘’animal rescue’ has a completely different meaning for a little baby who was abandoned by his mother in Argentina. It was a really cold night, and his chances to survive are too low. But the appearance of a kind one changed everything.

But, this time the rescuer was not a human, it was an animal! Way, a stray dog, saved the life of the baby that night. Way was out after giving birth, to have some food to feed her newborn babies, and to keep her strength, so, she managed to hear the cries of the baby.

Then she did something really nice, she brought her puppies to the poor child, and curled her body around them all to keep them warm.

Next morning, Alejandra Griffa, local resident, heard the cries of the baby, so she searched until she found the abandoned child, so she directly took the baby to the nearest hospital. Thankfully, regardless the bad weather conditions, the baby is totally healthy. And the authorities detained his 33-old-mother.

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