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Kind Hearted 89-Year-Old Woman Knitted 450 Blankets And Donated Them For Shelter Dogs

Maisie Green, a 89-year-old crafty, loves dogs just like she loves knitting, so, that made her using her 2 passions to knit blankets and coats for the dog in need. These items are donated by her to a rehoming center in Basildon, England called Dogs Trust.

She’s made more than 450 blankets and coats till now, and she continues knitting every day. She needs about 3 days to complete knitting a blanket, and a day for a coat.

She is really happy to do that as shelters can be scary places for many dogs, so what she is knitting makes the shelters comfortable places for many dogs. The special thing in these coats and blankets is that they let the dogs feel that they live in forever homes while waiting to be adopted.

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Cinnamon, a poor dog, sat alone and grief-stricken in her crate at an animal shelter.

She was not only homeless, she also lost the pups she delivered. Unfortunately, she never got to play the role of mom for so long. Sadly, with so many creatures were being surrendered to a North Carolina animal shelter, the poor dog kept getting ignored and passed over. But, an SPCA volunteer called Sarah Sleime was visiting the shelter and noticed Cinnamon.

Sleime said that she saw Cinnamon, who was so sad. She added that she bent over and began talking to her. The pit bull was obviously so sad as she responded with a crying sound, and she was in poor condition. Sarah did not bear that, so she decided to record a clip of Cinnamon, she then shared it online and it has more than 650,000 views.

Megan Shelton, Sarah’s friend, was taken aback by the clip. Shelton said that she really loves pit bulls, who have a so special place in her heart. Shelton, who thinks that pit bulls are very misunderstood breed and a misunderstood dog, said that she showed the emotional video to her husband, who decided to look at Cinnamon.

Their meeting was truly meant to be.

They decided to adopt the dog and renamed her Rosie, and they took her to meet Blu, their other pit bull. And they directly became good friends. Watch the video to have more information.

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