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Hero Dog Gets A Bullet For Protecting Family During Armed Robbery

This story speaks about a 5-year-old dog called Billy, who got shot in the chest while protecting his parents. The story begins when 2 armed men stopped, Felipe Sinisterra, 25, Billy’s owner, near their home in West Philadelphia, and told him to give them his phone.



Billy, who was in his walk, started barking at the burglars as he sensed danger. He was then shot in the heart by the men, who ran away to their vehicle and driving off.Veterinary surgeons weren’t sure Billy would make it, but the five-year-old dog proved to be a fighter.



Thankfully, Billy was taken to Ryan Hospital by the help of a nearby cop. The veterinarians at the hospital did what they could to stabilize and resuscitate him. More than 30 people including surgeons Lillian and Williams Aronson worked together to save the dog’s life.



Anyway, theytreated the dog was for the shot that tore through his spleen, stomach, liver, diaphragm, left lung, and heart. Unfortunately, he needed 2 surgeries to repair his organs as he lost a 3rd of blood.




The dog is still receiving medications and on antibiotics, but he is recovering very well as he is now back home with his family and showing his playful soul again. On the other hand, the police are still investigating to find the 2 burglars who shot the dog. We hope that they finally find them. Watch the video below.




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Court Rules Police Officers Can Legally Execute Your Dog if It Does Anything But Sit Silently

The United States Court asks for the Sixth Circuit that was on Monday that cops are excused in killing residents’ pets; even if those pets are not attacking the cops or even attempting to do that.

2 Circuit Judges, CLAY and MOORE, and one other District called HOOD heard an appeal from Cheryl and Mark Brown, the plaintiffs of Battle Creek, Michigan.

The Browns filed a complaint against the City of Battle Creek, the BATTLE CREEK Police Department, and other cops Damon Young, Christof Klein and Jeffrey Case; for their beloved dogs’ death at the sadistic the nasty hands of the sadistic officers.

The incident took place on 17 of April of 2013, when the cops were attempting make a search warrant on the Browns’ house, as they wanted another man called Vincent Jones, who was distributing marijuana, cocaine, and heroin from the neighborhood.

Jones was caught before the arriving of the police.

Mark Brown said that he was home on his lunch break, just to let his two dogs out. When he wanted to go back to the work he locked the door, and he was detained by the police. Even though, he told them that they did not need to destroy the door as he had the key, but they actually destroy it.

The police claim that the pit bulls were barking, but the Browns said that they did not.

Mark said that the smaller dog had never barked in her whole life. While Klein, a cop, claimed that the larger one was ‘’lunged’’ and barking at him, but he later admitted that the dog had just moved few inches.

Unfortunately, the two pit bulls were shot and killed by the cops without doing anything, and the officers claimed that they didn’t feel safety as they clear the basement.

They added that you have to look in every little place in the room, and the dogs basically prevented them.

Regardless of the sadistic admissions, appellate court was with the cops. They accepted that the cops were covered under ‘’ doctrine of qualified immunity’’ and they were not responsible of this case.

But this has now been set. Police officers can legally shoot your dogs if they bark or move they will be dead. Your dog must do nothing or it will be dead.

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