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Golden Retriever Returns Back Home Carrying Baby Koala Who Has Just Been Saved

Asha,a Golden Retriever, lives in Australia with Kerry McKinnon and her husband. Asha was seen by Kerry's husband who started yelling at Kerry to come to see what he saw. When Kerry came, she was completely surprised as she saw Asha playing with a baby koala who perched atop her back.

Kerry told News.com.au that Asha was happy with the koala and she let him snuggle into her back. People in Australia hailed Asha a hero for saving the baby koala, who was left alone all the night after falling from his mama.Thankfully, they took the small koala to a vet to be examined, and he is now being cared by a local carer until he is old enough to be back to the wild.

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It is usual to note the spectacular beauty that is out there in the nature and one can’t ignore that just like that. It deserves all sorts of praise and appreciation indeed and a lot of city dwellers wander around the city to appreciate the nature. On the other hand, there are some people who don’t even spend little time to appreciate natural splendor. However, it depends upon one’s nature and everyone is different.

Meet U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service staff who protect the ecology of our country throughout all for seasons. However, it is the spring season during which animals reproduce and this is the same for even the smallest and delicate creature called Hummingbird. USFWA is here for an important piece of advice for all of us.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWA) took social media to share with people the dangers for hummingbird nests. The post soon got viral and got a humungous 250,000 shares in short time.

The image attached is attributed to photographer named Kelly Campbell and it is a rare shot of almost impossible to capture the bird’s nest in there. USFWA also made it clear to mention that we should be careful chopping down a tree this summer. This is really an important warning for nature-lovers and homeowners as hummingbirds usually prefer living in a small garden made by us humans. If you live in America, be sure to take care of this matter.

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