Dog hit by a drunk driver but still gets reunited with the owner after 43 days

Missing dog strikes tragedy

This is the story of a cute Chesapeake Bay Retriever that was just 11 months old when he went missing. He was hit by a drunk driver and his whereabouts were unknown to everyone. It was 13th December when officers in Orange, Massachusetts witnessed the dog get hit by the drunk driver. While driver was caught and charged but it left the dog highly frightened and scared and he disappeared in the woods.

Unbelievable reunion

The owner of the dog was grieving on his disappearance and frequent searches were made but they brought no success. After several attempts to find the dog, they finally gave up and the dog was assumed dead. However, miraculously, a community member saw Chessie near his house and he called the authorities so he was reunited with his family after getting disappeared six weeks ago. The shocking thing is that the dog somehow managed to survive snow storms, bitter wind chills, and frigid nights where the temperature dropped several degrees below zero.