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Dog Keeps Crying After Family Sells His Cow Friend, And Runs Away To Meet Her

We are always surprised by animals’ ability to love. Though, many of us did not understand this. Rookie, a little lovely dog, is the perfect example of that.

Rookie lives in South Korea with an unusual friend, and many farm animals. Rookie was an orphan pup, and was taken care by his special friend, the cow, who became his real mom. Their owners were forced to sell the cow because of some economic conditions, which left the dog very sad! Rookie was completely sad and he refused to eat and make any friends. The surprise was that he went to search for the cow and thankfully found it! Watch the video to see their emotional reunion.

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Any person you meet after a long time, you’ll hear them say, "small world!” Yes for humans, the world might be small, but for our animals, its a big world with endless roads left to wander. Its a big world full of possibilities and nasty surprises, no wonder, the life of a stray dog isn’t an ordinary one. This is one such tale, but with a twist in life.

Recently a tiny dog was seen wandering about in Los Angeles, wondering what happened and how he got there in the first place. He had no home, no person to love, no human to live him back. But thankfully a few concerned citizens called for help and Hope For Paws arrived on time to show this dog, the world really is just a small place.

Hope For Paws knew that it wasn’t going to be easy to rescue this pup, but they didn’t give up because every dog deserves a second chance to life!

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