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Diesel the heroic dog gives his life by the hands of a suicide bomber

Dog saved hundreds of lives

We all know what happened in Paris not long ago and this incident happened during one of many police raids that targeted the alleged mastermind behind those attacks - Abdelhamid Abaaoud. The dog involved in this incident is called Diesel who was a 7-year-old Belgian shepherd dog. A police spokesman said that dogs like Diesel are especially trained to help elite forces and such dogs are absolutely necessary for such operations.

The raid involved targeting a building where 6 allegedjihadiswere staying and they were sent to assess the level of danger before storming the apartment. As a result, dog died of this and soon this became viral and soon people started to use #Jesuisunchien (which means "I'm a dog in English) to pay tribute to that brave dog. He is truly an unsung hero and at least two of the suspected terrorists were killed during the raid. So the dog gave his life for a special cause and he will always be remembered for his contributions.
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