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Deaf Dog Loses It When Her Soldier Returns Back From Duty To Pick Her Up

This story speaks about a deaf dog called Noelle, who is the friend of her dad, who emotionally suffered when he forced to go away in a mission for the army.

But the owner's friend made the time a little less stressful by looking after Noelle during his absence.His friend is a volunteer every weekend for adoption events for pets. That's why he accompanied Noelle to an adoption event at PetSmart, so her father could pick her up when he returned home.

It is clear that Noelle could not hear her father's arrival, but when she saw him, she got up and started wagging her tail. It was the moment she had been waiting for so long.

After being released from her chest, she jumped on her father and suppressed it with kisses. Her reaction is invaluable and how much she loves her father and vice versa is clear! What a reunion. Watch the video below to have more information.

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Not only dogs rely on us to provide them good food and shelter, what they crae more than anything is love and care. In return, they also console us and provide emotional comfort when we are down and feeling like giving up on life. They are one of the only living souls that comfort us without ever judging us.

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