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An Australian Teen Saves Injured Baby Kangaroo Hurt During Australia’s Fires

We all know that there are many natural disasters that happen in this world from time to time including earthquakes, volcanoes, and bonfires, which are one of the worst natural disasters. The last bonfires that have started in December in Australia and are still raging have taken more than 400 million animals' lives and unfortunately the number is still growing without any sight to stop nearly.

Thankfully, these disasters always come with heroes that do what they can to save as many lives as they can. This story speaks about a hero teenager who helped injured baby Kangaroo. The hero teenager directly took the Kangaroo who was badly burnt, from the New South Wales and showered it with love and water.

Unfortunately, the bonfires in Australia have taken more than 20 humans lives and more than 500,000,000 animals’ lives. They have also damaged more than 1,400 homes. Andrew Constance, The New South Wales Transport Minister, reported to the ABC that it is an atomic bomb, it is not just a bushfire he also added that he wishes it will end soon.

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