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2 Discarded Pups Left In Landfill By Owners, Who Warned Workers To Intervene, Saved By A Passerby

This story speaks about 2 tiny pups that were dumped in a landfill after being tied up inside a giant bag of food. How can anyone do this to these scary pups. If he did not want then, why not bring them to a shelter?

They can hardly be seen amongst the rubbish, as they are discarded like trash. Thankfully, their guardian angel, that was a man who got lost while driving through the town, heard them crying when he stopped at the landfill to ask for directions. The man investigated about the situation and he knew that people who dumped animals like this can harm the workers, so that what makes the workers too scary to intervene.

So, the man decided to take care of them, as the workers told him that they couldn't take care of the dogs. The puppies were carried out of the rubbish after the man took them in tow after cutting them out of the bag. He also gave them their first good meal since so long. I still can't understand how people can do something like this to innocent creatures like these two puppies. Watch the video below to have more information.

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Teenager Arrested For Allegedly Torturing And Killing Animals Before Posting Photos On The Internet

A Russian student has been arrested after allegedly torturing and killing numerous animals before posting pictures and videos on social media.

The 21-year-old, Alina Orlova, was on a layover at Vladivostok airport in the East of Russia when she was arrested. She was being searched after her photos and videos were shared on the internet and she is seen posing proudly with her friend next to the pets’ corpses.

The young woman was apparently part of a horror film cult, dressing in gothic-inspired outfits and makeup with coloured contact lenses, and she confirmed that she "loves blood”.

Amongst the chilling photos published on the internet, there was a dog nailed to a wall in a crucifix, as well as a video of her in the process of dismembering a cat. Because of the extremely graphic content of these images, we have chosen not to publish them. (The India Times did publish the more graphic photos.)

After the police had received numerous complaints and calls, they learnt about Alina and her friend Kristina Konoplya’s acts of cruelty.

The two teenagers would adopt abandoned cats and dogs before torturing and killing them. Residents of their hometown, Khabarovsk, created an online petition – which has been signed by more than 330 000 people – asking for measures to be taken by the authorities.

Alina has apparently been suffering from psychological problems and even mentioned a desire to kill her own mother in her blog. After her arrestation, she denied having taken part in the acts and claimed she was framed and that the photos published on the social networks were all photoshopped.

Today, in the United States,46 of the 50 states have felony penalties for some forms of animal abuse. However, animal cruelty is most commonly charged as a misdemeanor offense. Thankfully, sentences for charges of animal cruelty seem to be getting stricter.

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